This blog is in honor of Justice For Corey Feldman

I have been thinking for some time about how to keep track in one easy place, all of the information that I have learned about actor Corey Feldman. 

This forum is for all of the #FELDFAM and fans to follow easily.  I share so many posts daily, so for the purpose of time, clarity and reference, l have decided it’s best to start a blog. One easy place to look for all Corey Feldman facts.

It’s amazing the amount of progress that Corey has made within the last couple of months since the launch of his #TruthCampaign. So much has transpired, that I felt it’s absolutely worth documenting. Many steps have been made and is worth celebrating. So lets sum up where we are at currently in #COREYSTRUTHCAMPAIGN. 

The indiegogo campaigned just closed at Christmas, with a final balance of $273151 and a total of 5899 backers. The gofundme campaign will remain open indefinitely. I will post an update when Corey announces his next step for another round of film investments.

The real reason I wanted to start this blog is to prove to Corey that people really are listening. Although Mainstream Media (MSM) has shown very little, if any interest in the telling of Corey’s story, we the people who have an extreme passion for justice, people and exposing the truth make up for the lack of interest and/or agenda that MSM has in not reporting of his vital story.

At present, the #Metoo movement has received national news coverage. This leaves many unanswered questions as to why #COREYSTRUTHCAMPAIGN has yet to receive the same recognition? Men are victims too. It is time to stop blaming the victim, as they do this enough themselves.

Abusers do not even discriminate those they abuse and torture based on sex, gender, religion and/or lifestyle choices. So, let’s ask the obvious question that is on everyone’s minds. WHY? WHY? WHY is the Corey Feldman story not receiving the same type of support and attention??? 

The obvious answer to this question that we, the people come up with is this is clearly a case of discrimination due to the fact that the victim in this case is a male

If this were a woman, would they have to endure the daily harassment this man receives on Social Media? For the purpose of clarification, this view/opinion is being expressed by a woman and is absolutely a fair statement that I have reached based on facts and research. 

In a society where we are fighting for equality, maybe it’s time for the politicians and media to catch up. Or at the very least stop questioning why we doubt their integrity. It is time for a much needed and long overdue change to the “Old School” mentality. They are part of the problem. 

Well, consider me the solution. I will continue to support and report on Corey Feldman and ask the difficult questions, make the difficult assessments and call out the people that are obstacles in getting Corey’s truth out there.

One of the issues for victims everywhere, is the current Statute Of Limitations. This needs to be abolished and it is time to #SHATTERTHESTATUTE It is time to start punishing the predators and to start giving the victims a voice. It is time to stop making the victim serve a life sentence, while the abusers remain free to continue the cycle of abuse. The optics of this, make it look as if this were a backwards system.

It is a proven fact, that many victims suppress memories as a means of coping. Especially, if the victim were a child at the time. Children do not have the logic or mental capacity to process the emotions they are experiencing, especially if the abuser is someone that they have known and trusted.
It was reported on the Dr. Oz Show that the average person does not even acknowledge abuse until age 42. My husband was also a victim of CSA and he actually committed suicide at the age of 42 (15 years after his brother committed suicide) so these stats are real and the risk of suicide is greater then people are willing to admit. Below are some alarming facts. Hopefully, this will help to shift the focus and harassment Corey Feldman receives on a daily basis. If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing. Or think about how you would want to be treated if it were you or your child, that were being abused.

Please donate today. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.


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