Dr. Oz Recap with Corey Feldman & Child USA

On December 11, 2017 actor Corey Feldman reappeared in an exclusive interview with Dr. Oz to discuss the recent discovery of the long lost 1993 SBPD tapes. This is the first of many steps, vindicating Feldman of reporting sexual abuse to the SBPD within the Statute Of Limitations.

What was important to note about this episode in particular, was the timeline of how the events unfolded. Feldman contacted Dr. Oz to say that he had discovered the long lost tapes and they might be of interest to Dr.Oz. SBPD has confirmed to the show the finding of the tape, just to confirm validity of this information.

Within less than 24 hours of contacting the show, Feldman wakes up the next day, to google alerts on his phone, saying the SBPD had found the tapes and was all over the press. Some would say this may be a sign of some sort of divine intervention.

The portion of the tapes we all heard publicly for the first time, not only confirm what Feldman has said all along, but shows the focus of their investigation being solely on Michael Jackson and not on the name of his abuser (that the detectives mentioned, not Feldman) 

What sticks out as the most upsetting and disturbing part of the interview, was the the sound of the evil, mocking laugh of an unprofessional detective, asking Feldman if she had hit a sore spot. 

It’s at this point, that the investigation should have taken a slightly different course of action and may have been, had this been a case of a lesser profile and the detective been more seasoned and less biased. 

The detective then asks Feldman if he reported the incident and he replied “no due to fear” like every other victim. The detective then asks if he knows of the abusers whereabouts, then goes on to make a joke of saying “if you run across this guy let me know hahaha” I think it goes without saying, that the sexual abuse of a minor is of absolutely no laughing matter. No further follow up was done by police at this point. 

In 2001, the abuser was later arrested for lude acts with a minor. Imagine the crimes and trauma that could have been prevented had the police actually followed up with those allegations at the time. So many children could have been saved at the hands of a predator if this was dealt with in a timely fashion instead of pushed to the side.

With the help of the amazing Dr. Oz, Corey has recently partnered with Marci Hamilton, Lawyer and advocate in New York State and CEO of @Child_Usa. 

This partnership will help Corey going forward to help #SHATTERTHESTATUTE and remove the Statute of Limitations on the reporting of Sexual Abuse.

Next article will provide further details on how we, the people can assist Feldman in making his dream a reality. You can also help by donating for his security needs at:



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