Call To Action- Pass Child Victims Act

Recently, actor Corey Feldman has partnered with Lawyer & Advocate Marci Hamilton CEO of Child USA in his efforts to help remove the Statute Of Limitations on the reporting of Sexual Abuse.

Below, is an open letter to Senator John Flanagan with some actual facts to consider because we need his help to #PASSCHILDVICTIMSACT

There are over 2.9 million REPORTED cases of child sexual abuse reported in the U.S. each year. Consider for a moment how many cases go unreported. That is a SAD FACT.

If a person is molested as a child, the average person does not acknowledge or discuss abuse until age 42. My husband actually committed suicide as a result of systemic child abuse at age 42. DEVASTATING FACT.

The current Statute Of Limitations is actually protecting the predator and is setup so that the victim suffers a life sentence, while the predator remains free. The law is almost working against an already traumatized person and is putting others at risk for the predator to reoffend others. SAD FACT.

Most people who are abused are abused by someone they know, often times is someone with power or authority. The predator uses this as leverage over the victim as a means of threatening them from reporting within the current statute and in most cases, from even reporting at all. FACT 

New York State is a bellwether State, which we all know will help trailblaze and put pressure on the other States that are currently in the RED ZONE (As in protecting the predator, not the victim) The optics of that are not favorable. FACT.

Children should be educated through knowledge and prevention on this subject NOT through expereience on this subject. Lets give kids the tools for success.

Most people who are abused WILL DEVELOP at least one, in many cases multiple psychological disorders. By encouraging a culture of education and prevention we promote the future generations an opportunity to succeed and live healthy prosperous lives.

PLEASE HELP WITH THIS ISSUE. It is very paramount to our world and our future.



If you live in one of these states contact your local state senator and tell them to pass the child victims act. Or, contact Senator John J Flanagan contact info is below

Also please donate to Corey’s gofundme campaign at:

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